Error updating the password file android samba fileshare dating checker

It is probably good policy to always use _netdev for all automatic network mounts.

Advanced MS Windows users are frequently perplexed when file, directory, and share manipulation of resources shared via Samba do not behave in the manner they might expect.

This is an opportune point to mention that Samba was created to provide a means of interoperability and interchange of data between differing operating environments.

Samba has no intent to change UNIX/Linux into a platform like MS Windows.

If you want to mount the share without the credentials file you can use the entry below.

I believe that by adding the _netdev in the entry below, it will not mount the share if you are not connected to the same network that the share is on or if you are not connected to a network at all.

When you connect using CIFS to a server which supports Unix permissions (e.g.

Samba), CIFS will by default try to enforce remote Unix ownership UIDs and Unix permissions when you try to access the share. if a file is owned by UID 502 on the remote server, then the local kernel will try to enforce the same permissions if it were owned by UID 502 on the local machine.

However, smbfs is not compatible with security signatures, which are enabled by default and not recommended to disable on Windows Server 2003 and later.POSIX Access Control List technology has been available (along with extended attributes) for UNIX for many years, yet there is little evidence today of any significant use.This explains to some extent the slow adoption of ACLs into commercial Linux products.A remote UID might be a completely different user or might not exist at all on the local machine.If remote UIDs and local UIDs do not match, then local users will have trouble using the share. Remote permissions and UIDs will still be visible, but they will not be enforced locally.

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As of this morning, I can't reach the Samba share on my server.

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